If you’re into metal detecting in the UK, there are several online resources that can enhance your experience, provide valuable information, and connect you with a community of fellow enthusiasts. Here’s a list of online resources to explore. If you want to suggest any others for me to add to the list then please send me a quick email to the email address at the bottom of the page.

  1. The UK Detector Finds Database (UKDFD):The UKDFD is a comprehensive online database where metal detectorists can record their finds and share information. It’s a valuable resource for identifying artifacts and coins, and it contributes to the collective knowledge of the metal detecting community.
  2. National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD):The NCMD is an organization that supports metal detecting clubs and individuals in the UK. Their website provides information on the code of conduct, legal aspects, and news related to metal detecting in the country.
  3. The Searcher Magazine:The Searcher Magazine is a publication dedicated to metal detecting. Their website offers articles, reviews, and a forum where enthusiasts can discuss their finds, experiences, and techniques.

Metal Detecting Forums:

  1. The MDF Metal Detecting Forum
    • The MDF Forum is a popular online community where metal detectorists share their experiences, discuss equipment, and showcase their finds.
  2. UK and European Metal Detecting Forum
    • This forum provides a platform for metal detectorists from the UK and Europe to connect, share stories, and seek advice.
  3. Metal Detecting Forum UK
    • A community-driven forum where members discuss everything related to metal detecting, from equipment reviews to historical finds.

Metal Detecting Facebook Groups:

  1. Metal Detecting in the UK
    • A large and active Facebook group where members share their finds, seek advice, and discuss all aspects of metal detecting in the UK.
  2. Metal Detecting UK & Ireland
    • A community for metal detectorists in the UK and Ireland to connect, share their discoveries, and engage in discussions.
  3. UK Metal Detecting Finds
    • This group focuses on showcasing metal detecting finds in the UK, providing a platform for enthusiasts to display their discoveries.
  4. UK Beach Metal Detecting
    • Specifically dedicated to beach metal detecting, this group allows members to share tips, locations, and their beach finds

Metal Detecting YouTube Channels:

  1. Nugget Noggin
    • A popular metal detecting channel with a focus on treasure hunting, historical discoveries, and exploring various locations.
  2. Dirt Diggers UK
    • This channel features metal detecting adventures across the UK, including fields, woods, and beaches, showcasing interesting finds.
  3. Relic Recoverist
    • A UK-based metal detecting channel that documents exciting finds, provides equipment reviews, and shares tips for fellow detectorists.
  4. Metal Detecting With Team XP
    • Team XP explores various metal detecting sites, offering insights into their finds and experiences with XP Deus detectors.
  5. Metal Detecting Cornwall
    • Documenting metal detecting adventures in Cornwall, this channel shares the excitement of discovering historical artifacts in the region.

These additional resources should provide a broader spectrum of information, discussions, and entertainment for metal detecting enthusiasts in the UK. Remember to engage with these communities responsibly and share your own experiences to contribute to the collective knowledge of the metal detecting community.

If you have any suggestions for additions to this collection of resources than please do email me with the details to nick@swingbeepdigrepeat.com. Thanks