I don’t know about you but I love finding silver hammered coins.

Back in August I decided to head over to a couple of fields that I had permission on for an afternoon’s metal detecting. The two fields are a similar size and are connected by two open gaps to allow tractors to pass through. They are just grassed pasture currently just used for growing and cutting grass for feeding animals etc. One field is alongside a small lane leading to an old church. We have done this field a lot and had some interesting finds from it, the other field alongside has given us nothing but a few 20th Century pre decimal coins and some fairly uninteresting buttons, but I decided to give this second field another chance.

But it was just the same, nothing interesting was coming up at all. After a couple of hours of detecting with nothing much to show for it I decided to head through one of the tractor gaps back into the first field. I wasn’t expecting much because we had pretty much covered it from top to bottom. However I thought it can’t be any worse than that previous field so set out making my way across it. The signals were few and far between with nothing that caused to stop to investigate any further.

Then suddenly there was a lovely crisp signal with a steady number on the display. I wasn’t expecting much but dug a plug out and flipped it over. I reached for my pinpointer and began to scan the hole. To my surprise the find was in the wall of the hole that I had dug. My pinpointing with my detector must have been a bit off. Somehow my spade hadn’t even touched it, I don’t know how, but it must have missed by a fraction of a millimetre. I reached down and picked up a lovely little hammered silver sixpence dated 1567 from the reign of Elizabeth the 1st.

It just goes to show that no matter how much you think a field is done it is always worth another go sometime. Here are a few much photos of it.

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